Tarot Cards


Fortune Telling with Tarot Cards is a game that lets you test your luck and obtain a variety of useful items.

  • To start the game you need to talk to Fortune Teller Eve and ask her to read your fortune. She can be found in Giran town.
  • After starting the game, you select one of the three cards, see what you've got and receive your prize.
  • wo of the three cards always hide a painted Kat the Cat who gives you a common reward while the third one is illustrated with the Feline King - opening it will grant you a royal reward.
  • There are no losers in this game, everyone wins something. Playing 50 games in a row, you will always get at least one royal reward (one item from the royal reward list).
Common reward Royal reward

Fortune Telling

  • To get a fortune telling you will need Tarot Card which can be bought from Eve .
  • lick on the Fortune Shop button to exchange Tarot Card Coupons for Luxury Tarot Cards.
  • Click on the Tell Fortune button to start the game. But keep in mind that you cannot play if there isn't enough space in your inventory or if you have exceeded the weight limit.
  • After clicking the Tell Fortune button, you will see a special window showing the number of your cards and how many games you will play in a row. You can set the number of games you want to play in one session by clicking the button. When you are ready, click the Play button to start.
  • You have only 5 seconds to pick one of the three cards. If you do nothing, a random card will be picked automatically.
  • Rewards can be viewed on Discord!