Key Words

How and where can we get letters?

  • Go hunting and collect letters from the monsters of Elmoreden!
  • Letters drop directly into the character's inventory, no need to pick them up!
  • Letters cannot be obtained when hunting "blue" monsters (the difference is 15 or more levels).
  • Letters cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold.

How can we collect a word and claim a reward?

  • As soon as all the parts of the word are collected, the letters will be highlighted in the event window — this means that the reward can be obtained by simply clicking on the corresponding button.
  • Click on the cube with the image of the letter on the right sidebar to open the mini-window of the event, and then on the Three Main Words button — the main interface will appear.
  • Then exchange the whole word for a reward by clicking on the Get Reward button. When exchanging, you will receive one random reward from the list below.
  • Rewards can be viewed on Discord!